10 Questions About Cataracts

1. What are cataracts?

It is the lens of the eye after it has become cloudy with age.

2. My parents had cataracts. Will I inherit it from them?

Everyone gets cataracts with age.

3. I can still see-Why do I need surgery?

If you wait until you cannot see, the cataract will be very advanced, and surgery will be much more risky.

4. Do you use laser to do the surgery?

At present, every doctor uses ultrasound to do cataract surgery.

5. How is the surgery done? Does it hurt? How long does it take?

The surgery is done under local anesthesia and doesn't hurt. The typical surgery takes less than 1/2 hour.

6. How safe is the surgery? Can I go blind?

Surgery is very safe these days. Blindness from surgery is very rare.

7. Do I need to put a plastic lens inside my eye like my friend?

An artificial lens is needed so that you can focus.

8. Do I need to wear glasses after the surgery?

New artificial lenses allow you to see far and near so that glasses are not needed.

9. Will the cataracts grow back?

Sometimes a membrane grows back that can make vision blurry, but this is easily treated with a laser.

10. Are these any medications or eyedrops to prevent cataracts?

Nothing can completely prevent cataracts, but some foods can help:
-vitamins A, C, E
-omega-3 fish oil